Meeting Bullets:
  The meeting was moderately attended with 3 visitors and convened at 7:01 pm.  Reading of the minutes and Treasurer's report followed.
  VP Ron Thomas presented information about the Amazon Smile program.  A motion was passed to join the program.
  Ron Thomas reported on some happenings with the local AREDN network.
  Rich Lee announced the club is looking for an assistant Treasurer with an eye on taking over some of Charlie's duties in 2018.  If you are interested in serving the club in this capacity please let Rich Lee or Charles Vasut know.
  Joe McIntosh gave a presentation and detailed report on 2017 Field Day.  Look for results in QST magazine and thank Loxley for the park and The Baldwin Times for the press coverage.

Other News:
    VE coordinator Rich Lee reported one candidate successfully upgraded to Extra Class.
    Monday night net.  Huntsvlle Hamfest. New questions on FCC Form 605 license applications.  MS Bike Ride.  Ham equipment for sale. Too much to document here!

 It was an average mid summer meeting this month.  There were updates on Field Day and AREDN with a lot of good information on ongoing and upcoming events that can only be experienced by attending the meetings.  We had a visit from a young prospective new ham that I was glad to see and hope to see more of in the future!

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