January 2019

Meeting Bullets:
  The meeting convened at 7:02 pm.  Reading of the minutes and Treasurer's report followed.
  Treasurer Richard Lee gave a detailed accounting of the club's books and reported that we will now maintain only a checking and savings account.  The bulk of the money will be retained in the interest bearing savings account during the course of each year.
  Secretary Joe McIntosh gave an update on the 501C3 application.  Everything is completed and in order!  We are now able to issue receipts for donations and we are also listed as a qualified charity on Amazon Smile.  I have placed links and more information on how to use Amazon Smile on our website home page.  Check it out!
  President Thomas appointed Joel Emmett and Bruce Raymond to the audit committee.
  Plans and topics for the Saturday test session and Topics in Electronics meeting at Daphne Public Library were discussed.
  President Thomas reviewed the 2018 club objectives and then presented priorities for 2019.  One of the main points of improvement needed here was participation in the SET exercises.
  A motion was passed to use the Boy Scout camp in Silverhill for Field Day 2019 and contribute $200.00 to the scouts in return.  It is worth it because like Field Day Chairman  Joe McIntosh says; "IT IS AIR CONDITIONED".
  The operating budget for 2019 was presented and approved.
  A motion was approved to review the bylaws with a possible change to the directors.  If approved the outgoing President will no longer be made a director with that position being filled by a member elected at-large.

Other News:        
     Joe McIntosh worked with Gulf Coast News Senior Feature Editor Allison Marlow to do a story on our Topics in Electronics sessions to be held on the third Saturday of each month at Daphne Public Library.  The feature was published in the January 18th edition of The Baldwin Times and it is excellent.  If you have access to the print or e-editon of the Times you should look it up in the "BUZZ" section.  I have requested permission to republish the story on our website and if granted will place a link to it on the home page near the Topics event notice.  EDIT: Permission was granted.  Click here to read the story. (pdf)

 We had a moderately attended mid Winter meeting and got a lot accomplished heading into 2019.  The board meeting that preceded the regular meeting was also very productive.  The club is growing and improving and with the help and participation of our members I expect it to continue to thrive.  I remind all that club dues were payable in January so if you missed the meeting be sure to catch it next month and keep your membership active.  See you there!


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