Meeting Bullets:
  The meeting was lightly attended with 2 visitors and convened at 7:06 pm.  Reading of the minutes and Treasurer's report followed.
  Ron Thomas was elevated to President due to Don Pape moving overseas and resigning.
  At a board meeting prior to the regular meeting Ray Sturch was appointed Vice President for 2018.
  After some discussion of the leadership changes, President Thomas presented his objectives for 2018 which included possibly merging members from the declining  N. Baldwin club, having a full Field Day, and many others.
  For the record the revised 2018 officer list is below:

President: Ron Thomas
Vice Pres: Ray Sturch
Secretary: Joe McIntosh
Treasurer: Charlie Vasut
Director 1: Robert Frye
Director 2: Emery Wooten

  An audit committee was also appointed and plans were made for constructing a 2018 budget.

Other News:
    VEC Rich Lee reported that 3 new Tech Licenses were obtained during the November VE session.

 It was a cold winter's night in South Alabama and attendance was less than average but we still managed a quorum and had an effective meeting.  I think President Thomas is focused on growing the club and revving up club activities for 2018.  Let's get behind him and keep SBARC a vibrant part of our area.   As always, I encourage all to attend next month in person!

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