September 2018

Meeting Bullets:
  The meeting convened at 7:03 pm.  Reading of the minutes and Treasurer's report followed.
  President Thomas announced that Ray Sturch, Alton Hester, and Larry Hawkins would serve as 2019 nominating committee.  If you are interested as serving the club as an officer next year or wish to suggest a nominee, please contact a committee member.
  Ron Thomas reported on the upcoming Boy Scouts of America Jamboree on the Air at Camp Maubila.  Ron and Joe McIntosh volunteered to set up a ham radio station at the camp on behalf of the club.  If you would like to help contact Ron via email.
  The club voted to dispose of some of our surplus equipment by giving it away as door prizes in upcoming meetings.
  Mike Hartman from the Deep South club gave a short talk and invited all to attend their upcoming hamfest.  See the home page of this site for more info.
  Joe McIntosh gave an update on the club name change and 501C3 application.  We are getting there...
  This month's presentation was a follow up (version 2.0) of last month's homebrew Moxon antenna built by Ron Thomas.  Ron has provided the presentation as a pdf file that is now available on our Miscellaneous page.

Other News:
    VE Coordinator Rich Lee reported that one walk-in attended the testing session and earned a Technician license.  Rich thanked Ray Sturch, Joel Emmett, and Ralph Stemp for their efforts at the test session.

     Ron also mentioned some thoughts on changing the club callsign after our name changes and such are in place.

 We had an excellent turnout at the last meeting of the summer.   I for one look forward to cooler weather and being a little more comfortable while doing things outdoors and around the area.  Mike Hartman and several members of DSARC promised what sounds like a nice hamfest on September 29th so I encourage all who can to drop by and check it out!

     If you have not attended a meeting lately come enjoy one next month at the EOC.  Some of our surplus equipment will be given away as door prizes!

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