Meeting Bullets:
  The meeting was well attended with 2 visitors and convened at 7:00 pm.  Reading of the minutes and Treasurer's report followed.
  Joe McIntosh reported on the progress of registering the club in Amazon Smile.  Joe's work revealed that to obtain full non-profit status the IRS would require a $275.00 processing fee with no guarantee that it would be granted.  There would also be more paperwork required down the road.  Since the Amazon return is 1%, that would require about $30,000.00 in purchases be made before we reached the break even point on the endeavor.  The club reached a consensus that the idea be scrapped.
  Tom Wallace volunteered to be the club's registered agent with the Secretary of State's office.  This is the contact person for all official state correspondence.  Joe's work on the Amazon program uncovered several minor issues with our corporate status that needed updating.  These included appointing a new agent.
  The nominating committee of Ron Thomas, Ray Sturch, and Robert Frye presented nominees for the 2018 officers and President Lee also asked for nominees from the floor.  Each position yielded one candidate which were voted on as a slate.  The results are:

President: Don Pape
Vice Pres: Ron Thomas
Secretary: Joe McIntosh
Treasurer: Charlie Vasut
Director 1: Robert Frye
Director 2: Emery Wooten

  Rich Lee volunteered to remain as VEC coordinator.
  Ray Sturch is finalizing arrangements for the 2017 Christmas Dinner.  Check your email and the website for pending details.
  Ron Thomas gave a presentation on his NVIS antenna system.  Ron has provided his PowerPoint presentation for download.  Click Here to view it.

Other News:
    President Rich Lee reminded all to participate in the local nets.  See the Local Nets page for time and frequency.

 We had a good early Autumn meeting.  The election process went smoothly and I think all can look forward to 2018 knowing that the club is in good hands.  As always, I encourage all to attend next month in person!

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